OXO is well-known in the kitchen gadget world for making innovative products. Their niche has been designing products that are both functional and comfortable to use.  But, does their food mill live up to their reputation? I think so. As a matter of fact, this is my recommendation for the best food mill! Read this OXO Food Mill review to decide for yourself!

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Meet the OXO Good Grips Food Mill

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How Does the OXO Food Mill Compare to Others?

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Important Features

This food mill has a lot of features that are worth considering.  Here is a quick video from OXO showing how a food mill is used and few of their key features.

3 Grinding Discs Included

Like most other food mills I’ve looked at, this one also comes with 3 different sized grinding discs: fine, medium, and large. The fine disc should be used when you want smooth purees like jellies, tomato sauce, or baby food. The medium disc is good for pureeing vegetable soups or applesauce while the coarse disc is recommended for mashed potatoes or chunkier sauces.

I couldn’t find the actual hole sizes of the discs online anywhere. So, I emailed OXO customer service who responded very quickly! The sizes of the discs for the OXO food mill are fine (1 mm), medium (3mm), and coarse (6mm).

The discs change in and out easily with a quick release latch (you can see this in the video). Just make sure you always put the disc in domed side up when changing them out.

Rubber Coated Tripod Feet

A unique feature of this model is the rubber feet on the bottom. These feet are used to grip the top of the bowl or pan that catches your pureed / milled food and keep it from moving around while grinding. This makes the food mill very stable.

Not every food mill has this option and it gets quite annoying if the mill keeps moving while you are cranking the handle. Not to mention it can get messy very quickly. The OXO food mill really shines here.

The rubber legs also fold in for storage. This keeps them from taking up too much room or snagging on your other kitchen tools while not being used.

Another benefit of these legs is that, because it balances on top of the bowl, the food mill doesn’t sit down in the puree while it is being used. This is, perhaps, more sanitary and could prevent the seeds and pulp from accidentally getting into the puree.

Easy to Assemble

This food mill assembles in just a few simple steps. The first time it may feel a bit awkward but, after that, you’ll have it put together in just a few seconds. Here is a video I made showing how to assemble and disassemble it:

Comfortable Handles

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Like the other products in OXO’s Good Grips line, this food mill has very comfortable handles. All handles you need to operate are covered in a rubber material that helps you hang onto the appliance. It also is soft and allows you to squeeze without hurting your hands.

This is especially helpful to older users or seniors with arthritis. The handles are a bit larger and definitely softer than some of the other models. This reduces the pain felt when gripping a food mill with arthritic hands.

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe

All parts of this food mill are dishwasher safe. Using the top rack is recommended. It also comes apart easily to allow all parts to get good and clean.

I’ll add my usual caveat here. Like good kitchen knives, I wouldn’t put the grinding discs in the dishwasher. My opinion is that the eat could dull them over time.

Quality Stainless Steel Construction

My preference has always been stainless steel for food mills. Stainless cleans up good and looks good longer than plastic ones. Plus, stainless stands up better with hot liquids.

User Impressions

By far and large, user reviews of the OXO food mill are overwhelmingly positive. Some of the features I mentioned above are why.

When researching this one, you will find many, many praises for the fold-out feet that stabilize the mill. The comfort of the handles is also frequently mentioned. With very few exceptions, people talk about how easy it is to use.

There are occasional complaints about it not including a scraper to keep the grinding disc clean. My research has shown that only the most expensive food mills have this option. Most home cooks don’t want to pay over $100 for a food mill though.

Why is this an issue? It is important especially with potatoes that have the skins on them. Potato skins are notoriously hard on kitchen tools and appliances. (Have you ever put too many of them down a food disposal and clogged it up? – it’s a mess!) With food mills, they can clog the holes of the grinding disc preventing the pulp from getting through.

However, there is a way around this. If you reverse the direction of the blade every few turns, it does scrape the grinding disc and keeps it cleaner. The reduces the clogging from the skins and yields a better mash.

Summary and Conclusion

So what’s my verdict on the OXO food mill? Well, I’ll go ahead and call it. It is the best food mill I have reviewed so far!

Why? Because of the design of it. More reasons are in this post.

The rubber stabilizing feet are a big part of this decision. Not having a food mill rock and roll while you are using it is a huge plus.

I like the comfort handles of the OXO Good Grip products. These also add to the stability of this food mill. You probably won’t need to use dishrags or pot holders to hold onto it. The larger sized handles are easy to grasp and squeeze. Even for people with arthritis.

Is it perfect? Nope! People have different preferences when it comes to their kitchen tools. But, I do think it is the best food mill for the majority of home cooks and for canning foods at home.

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So, do you agree with this OXO food mill review? Let me know your opinions in the comments below!