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How to Puree Food for Dysphagia 

Dysphasia is a difficult condition to deal with, whether you personally are going through it or you’re a caretaker for someone who is. It is a condition that limits your diet to only soft, almost liquid foods, so it is a very limited diet that…


How to Use a Potato Ricer 

Potato ricers are essential kitchen tools for home and professional chefs alike.  They are most commonly used for making gnocchi, a dumpling-like pasta often made from potatoes. They’re a relatively affordable cooking tool that gives you a beautifully even puree from pretty much any cooked…


How to Use A Food Mill to Make Tomato Sauce 

Food mills have a wide range of purposes, but they’re not that common in the everyday kitchen. Chefs know their advantages, so why not take advantage of them yourself? Food mills are perfect for creating even, creamy, rich textures out of even the hardest vegetable,…


How to Use a Food Mill for Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are traditionally made with a masher or electric beater to create that light, whipped texture everyone at the dinner table loves. However, with these methods, it can be hard to create a perfectly even texture that many chefs desire. These tools often leave…


Blending vs. Eating Whole Food: Is There A Difference? 

There has been much debate in the nutritional community about the benefits and disadvantages of blending foods versus eating them whole. The incredible rise in smoothie companies and franchises everywhere you go has made blending a mainstream conversation. Many people make a choice to eat…


What Can I Use Instead of A Food Mill? 

Food mills are great kitchen tools for creating smooth, creamy dishes with homogeneous consistencies. You’d want this in dishes like mashed potatoes, tomato sauce, smoothies, or other meals. However, food mills can be expensive, take up a lot of room in your kitchen, and be…