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Looking for a food blog guest post opportunity?

Like I said in my story on my about page, I am trying to create the top resource for pureed food on the internet. So, if you can contribute to this topic, please do!  I accept guest posts, recipe submissions, and article contributions when they enhance the quality of my site, bring real value to my readers, are on topic, and meet the following criteria.

Minimum criteria for guests posts:

  • All posts must directly relate to pureed foods, recipes for pureed foods, methods of pureeing food, or gear that makes pureeing food easier.
  • All posts must be at least 800 words and be relevant to the subject of the article.
  • All posts must be original content. I will check. If sources are used for research, please include them with the article submission. The same or substantially similar article may not be submitted anywhere else in the future.
  • Any and all images must be free from copyright and acceptable to use. If attribution is required, please include the attribution in the article as a caption to the image.
  • Submission and acceptance of an article for posting on the site transfers copyright ownership to The article and its content become my property and it may not be posted elsewhere or submitted to another site.
  • Please include a 2-3 sentence bio at the end of the article.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to link out to other authoritative sites in the article. You may link to your own site once in the article itself (deep link is ok) and once (homepage only) in the author bio. No affiliate links may be included in the post.
  • I do have final editing authority for grammatical or spelling errors and other changes necessary.
  • I have final say as to whether a submitted post is acceptable. Submissions that don’t meet my standards will not be accepted and returned to the submitter.

If you agree to these standards, you may submit your request below: