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My Story

Hello! My name is Will and welcome to my site.  Let me tell you a little bit about me and why I created this site.

I am a food services manager for a regional company that owns several nursing homes and assisted living centers. In this position, I am responsible for all the kitchens, kitchen staff, and food service at these facilities. I oversee all parts of the food preparation process: from issuing the PO’s to buy the food, to planning the menus, to hiring and managing all of the staff.

When I took this position, I was surprised to see how much pureed food my chefs were required to make. You see, many seniors and elderly people have swallowing disorders due to strokes and other medical problems. This is called dysphasia by medical professionals. Unfortunately, this was also a common complaint on our patient care surveys.

I decided to do something about it.

I began to research better ways of pureeing food. You know, rather than just dumping it in a blender and hitting the button. We owed it to our patients to serve them meals that looked, tasted, and smelled good. Just because a food had to be pureed, didn’t mean that it couldn’t have some character to it. Oh, and flavor!

So, during this research, I found a lack of information about pureed foods on the internet. I looked and looked for sources of better recipes, pureeing methods, and more appealing ways to serve our pureed meals. But, the information I found was lacking or very old.

So, I created this site as a resource for pureed foods.

There are many people who want to learn about pureed foods besides seniors with dysphagia and their caregivers. Pureed diets are very popular after surgeries like bariatric surgeries and other stomach and intestinal surgeries. Pureed side dishes are served in the best restaurants in the world, right? So why could I not serve this high-level class of food in our facilities?

Life at Home

At home, I am a single dad of two daughters. I love taking care of them and being a dad. We all love to be outdoors. Hiking and kayaking are some of our favorite activities. And, yes, I do puree at home. My youngest daughter loves pureed cauliflower – she’d rather eat that than mashed potatoes!

I hope you take some time and look around. More importantly, I hope you find the information you need to help you puree better food at home.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact me anytime!